Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I trust them, why shouldn't we?

Well, Jim Murphy seems like a well-meaning fellow. Why shouldn't we believe him that this isn't anything more than just a red-tape cutting exercise?

With this Government's proud record in office, I would like to condemn such irresponsible blog entries as this:

Europhobia: The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - time to do something

No, I hail this as a great idea. In fact, someone needs to put the case for the Government on this. So, let me demonstrate why they should pass this law by reference to a number of examples of recent actions, which I believe speak louder than words ever could:

Listen as Jack Straw once again demonstrates to the world his acute grasp of Britain's proud tradition of Law and Justice

Not satisfied? Perhaps this offering from the BBC will put your unfounded fears to rest.

Perhaps cynics should scroll down on this report to see how we treasure our Civil Liberties in this country . I hope it silences their hysterical rants, which, I have to admit I am sick and tired of hearing. Especially in the Mainstream News. In fact, I blame the media for the distrust of the Government.

But in the final reckoning, perhaps we should listen to the experts and the confidence they expound in the proposed legislation.

ps. just watching Channel 4, nice to see that our peacekeeping efforts as being enthusiastically greeted by the natives. But I can't remember the Government mentioning that we would be travelling everywhere by Chinook. I think this must be part of their admirable "Looking after the Boys" policy, that can only be applauded. See the World, Join Today, no risk really anyway, as our Government would never unnecessarily put Our Boys in harm's way.


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