Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 3 - 15th April 1483

As you may have guessed from the sparse blogging, I am home for a couple of days over the holiday. So, I've got a slow dial-up connection, a keyboard where you have to hammer the "r" key and a father that would prefer that I didn't use his internet. When I get back to the flat in England, I'll try and provide my take on the story so far, especially the case of the insane girl in the castle. In the meantime, I'll keep Felix's diary entries up to date.

"On the 15th we rode fast from Memmingen as far as Kampten, and there we dined together: after dinner I sent away the servant, and bade him return to his master. But I went on in a great hurry to the foot of the mountains, for I feared that my lords might leave Innspruck before my arrival there; so I went as far as the village of Reutte, on the banks of the river Licus, commonly called Lech, where I passed the night."


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