Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Incarcerate Clarke!

So the Fat Bastard wants to remove compensation from victims of miscarriages of justice? Note the victim word there. This is typical New Labour, some victims are more equal than others, and seeing as New Labour est l'etat, well, its obvious that they can't really do anything that is wrong, therefore there is no such thing as a victim of miscarriage, especially if its only due to a "process."

I think that Tim and Mr Eugenides aren't too wide of the mark for what Clarke deserves for this. But actually, thinking about it, the Safety Elephant deserves a taste of the medicine he proposes to dose us with. I think we should arrest Charles Clarke right now on a preferably trumped up charge, convict him on unsafe grounds, seize all his assets, deny him access to his family and incarcerate him for a very long time indeed. And hope that his jug ears are used as handlebars as he gets some attention from the sisters. Let him appeal and see if he doesn't want some compensation from the state.


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